Saturday, 9 May 2009

Gorgeous Water Art

I came across a marble seat after a heavy down-pour. The water remaining on its flat surface was an exciting piece of art.

This piece of art, as I noticed, will never be able to reproduce itself exactly the same as current.

It reminds me that what appears today, or even this very second, can never happen again, especially for some instances.

Looking at the water "pools" residing on the surface, unique combinations of them together with various outlines they formed, made the whole piece of art a precious moment to treasure for it may be wiped away, or water evaporated.

Below I present the photo I captured to make this moment an ever-lasting and gorgeous event.

Treaure every moment that nature has onto us.


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Thomas Winther said...

Great stuff :-)

Another there-for-an-instant thing you can see in nature is the beautiful, everchanging patterns made by large flocks of birds or schools of fish.