Thursday, 28 February 2008

Generations of 5

Gorgeous 5!

Do you see the generations of 5?

The kids, the parents, the grand-parents!

They are a big family. Wonderful isn't it?

We can created many of them using alphabets also.

This hopefully helps to inspire more artistic letters and numbers.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Imagination -Testing Images

Did you notice that these images are drawn using a template?

With different segmentations and colours,
the images present different "message".

For this image on top, it looks we are entering a tunnel.

What do you see for the 2 images on top ? A zebra-crossing?

Or a stack of mounting brackets?

What is the red line on the left image doing?

A lighting within the tunnel?

Are they a set of directional arrows?

By adding colours to the same image, we have converted the "tunnel" into some other thing.
What can you imagine?
Colourful pockets?

IMagination, IMagination........

Numbers Can Be Striking

This piece of "Art" has been created by using only the number "8".

Is it amazing?
Look at the details.
Gorgeous, right?

What does it look like?

A braclet?
Or an onument?
An icon for number?

It goes with any imagination you have.

Here you see, numbers can be fun and exciting!


Exciting Fonts

"Fonts, fall in!"

This is a parade of font types.

In this world, font types are aplenty.
Look at the fascinating fonts.

This font type can be used to impress customers, in teaching of lessons, to make anything more refreshing and many more applications.

But putting them all together do creates an unusual beauty in them.
Do not ignore them just because they are numbers. They can be beautified!

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Don't Look At Thing Straight

This look like a stack of crumbled newspaper.

Or does it?

There are times where things are better looked at in another angle.

Tilt your head horizontally to view this graphic again. You may find some hidden message.


There are many colours in our life.

Does this graphic represents the colourful life that we go through in circles?

It resembles water droplet reflecting beams of rainbow coloured lights.

Any reflection of yours?


A Cluster Of Beautiful Lights

Does the lighting looks like durians?

Or does it look like turtles in the dark covered by some precious gems?

Can it be porcupine shone with light from a torch?

Gorgeous Lighting

Look at the pattern of little lights generated. Does it appear great?

The lights are made of small Light Emitting Diodes (LED).