Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Amazing Black White Checker Boxes

Checker boxes are wonderful.

By arranging them in various alignments, you can actually create different perceptions of images.

The above is an example of one.
Here, you can see that the supposedly flat surface is made to seem curved out.
There are 2 humps in all, if not more.

This is a simple way where black and white images (in pixels) are produced.

What you will be impressed with is the formation of these checkers to "trick" the eyes and your brain to see things that are just flat surface laid with square / rectangular checkers.

Impressive and amazing, right?

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Big Or Small, Our Eyes Can't Tell

Our eyes can deceive us.

Look at the two sets of smilies above.
Can you tell which smily at the centre of the two sets is bigger?

Yes, I know your answer is the one on the right.

You are WRONG!


They are of the SAME size. Cover up all the surrounding smilies and you will see why.

Our eyes do tell lies. Sometimes looking at pictures on the overall give us a distorted message.

Staying focus at times serves us better, as the example above proved.

Gorgeous images.... ... ..


Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Box Edges - Expanded!

Looking at the piles of boxes, you will notice one tricky thing.

The edges of the boxes seem to be expanded outwards.

Is this drawn on purpose? Or is our eyes playing tricks?

A frank message:
I did not modify the rectangular boxes.
The piling up of the boxes are, however, done on purpose to create the visual impression.

As such, it can be seen that our eyes do really play visual tricks on us.

Should we trust them...... What we see is not what we get!


Sunday, 10 August 2008

Black and White Visional Magic

The above diagram has an interesting feature. Follow the below instructions to see why.

-Stare straight towards the centre of the diagram.
-Slightly move your sight round the centre point.

Do you see anything in the white background?
There is an image!

Is your eyes telling you some message through these black vertical lines?

Our eyes are wonders that can be mysterious. They see things that links with our brain to form images that may not exist. Illusion?

Gorgeous lines of above are simple to create. But they form many interpretations after that.


Thursday, 7 August 2008

Path To No Peak

This is an illusion whereby the peak to the path is non-existence.

Moving along the gray coloured path leads you to no peak.

Try it.

Get what I meant?

Our eyes can sometimes see things that our brain cannot comprehend. It therefore requires more information through other senses to decipher the mystery.