Sunday, 10 August 2008

Black and White Visional Magic

The above diagram has an interesting feature. Follow the below instructions to see why.

-Stare straight towards the centre of the diagram.
-Slightly move your sight round the centre point.

Do you see anything in the white background?
There is an image!

Is your eyes telling you some message through these black vertical lines?

Our eyes are wonders that can be mysterious. They see things that links with our brain to form images that may not exist. Illusion?

Gorgeous lines of above are simple to create. But they form many interpretations after that.


1 comment:

Happy Person said...

Our eyes really do have some funny characteristics. By looking or rather staring into the dark lines, I do see some image behind. However,what is it, I could not figure them out.
Nice post exposing this visual impact.