Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Deceptive Geometry

Look at the picture and .......

You see anything out of the norm. Something is just not right!

The directions of the 3 poles seem to be questionable.

If we can mis-interpret perceived geometry in daily life, we can create something absurd that goes against the norm.

This is deceptive views. But is gorgeous, as it challenges the mind.
Do you agree?



Polarstern said...

What do you mean by "The directions of the 3 poles seem to be questionable"?

3 cylinders of differing heights are intersected by two planes at different angles. Only the cropping of the pink(?) plane makes the illustration appear strange. If you would like to see this illustration rendered in three dimensions, let me know at polarstern357(at)gmail.com

EeHai said...

Yes, by taking reference to one plane (here the gray one), the below plane seem somewhat strange. The gray plane made the left-most pole nearer to view than the right-most pole. This is more obvious if one covers the lower portion of the diagram.
The lower plane, however, made the left-most pole further away from the viewer. This contradicts with the former perception.