Thursday, 13 March 2008

Fish Eye View Perspective

I was trying out the impact of having a mathematical expression going in polar (angular ) manner to see what is the outcome. The expression I have selected is the sine function.

(Do not border if you do not understand what I am talking..)

Anyway, the image or result generated came out as a surprise to me.

The graphically output is shown above.

What surprises me is the impression of a net, a fishing net thrown wide into the sea.

How does a fish trapped in this net see?

Now you and I have the answer!

This image reveals the anxiety of a fish cornered by a fishing net.

"Help! Help!" said the fish.

A real fish eye view indeed!


1 comment:

absolutelytrue said...

You have very interesting images here. How thoughtful to think of how a fish feels. Not many people would see that perspective.